Miracle Camp 2010

This week I haven’t got much done as far as hacking, since I’ve been at Miracle Camp all this week. Pretty much everyone from my side of the family are here, so I’ve enjoyed the opportunity; the last time we were all together was at my wedding about eight months ago. There’s been lots of activities, plenty of good preaching and teaching, and a lot of encouraging moments for me. Working at a small non-profit can be really stressful, and it was very refreshing to see this week come together after nearly a year of planning and preparation. Now for Miracle Camp 2011!

I’ve brushed up on my reading a bit, though. I’ve perused ESR’s website on occasion before, and I’ve been enjoying reading The Art of Unix Programming and A Brief History of Hackerdom in particular. This coming week, though, I anticipate some major fun as I upgrade my machine and dive into Python, so stay tuned!


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