Some(what) Sad Developments

Unfortunately my SATA cable for my hard drive has not yet arrived, though the drive itself has. I test-installed Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.7 on my desktop for fun, just to see whether the drive worked reliably (which it happily did). Not having a second cable really diminishes my ability to dual-boot, since I have to manually swap cables, and also means I can’t access my files on my user data partition on my XP hard drive.

Also, one of the cold cathode lights in my case died a pitiful death due to cable crimping. Farewell, pretty blue lights!

This is not keeping me from being super excited about bounding down the hacker road, though. I’ve been taking this opportunity to whittle and organize my files (some of which have been untouched since 1998!) and I am now seriously contemplating an eventual move to Linux as my computing platform of choice.


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