Things Take An Unexpected Turn

My SATA cable still has yet to arrive, likely thanks to the vagaries of international shipping, so I ordered a pair from a (US) eBay seller. Whichever one arrives first, I’ll use to connect my new hard drive, and with the other two I can max out my motherboard’s SATA connections for either CD/DVD/BR drives or add to my collection of hard drives.

Meanwhile, for fun I test-installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to dual-boot with Windows on my Motion M1400 tablet PC. Since (in my opinion) tablet PCs totally rock for media and impromptu artwork/note-taking, but not so much for applications/writing, I found that Linux on a tablet wasn’t a very useful option (yet). My main difficulties were that the default action for the stylus button was the middle click (as opposed to right click) and that sound just plain doesn’t work, no matter how I wrangle with it.

So I deleted the Linux partitions and made the empty space into a media partition. However, I failed to consider that GRUB looks to the Linux partition for its boot info, hence GRUB going into rescue mode and beeping its head off when I rebooted. Not a happy feeling.

So I used Ubuntu as a live USB rescue tool, deleted the media partition, then resized C: to fill most of the disk, and then reinstalled Ubuntu at the end of the disk. I suppose it’s not the best of all possibilities, but there’s no way I know of to easily revert the MBR to using NTLDR without using a Windows Recovery CD (which my tablet can’t use, since there’s no CD drive) or completely reinstalling Windows (which I really don’t want to do). And I guess as a bonus, I have a handy rescue tool on my HD at all times, and can whip it out for demonstration fairly easily.

dreamer6 all decked out!

dreamer6 (my Motion M1400) with some new bells & whistles.

So of course I tweaked it out, and will probably use the super-awesome Ubuntu Start Script for my desktop, too.

On another note, I’m posting a day early because I’m leaving early tomorrow to go to Pennsylvania to return Lucas (Kate’s younger brother) to his parents. He’s stayed with us the last three weeks so he could go to SMF Camp with us, and now we’re taking him home for the family reunion (which we will also attend). Sterling (my younger brother) is also coming with us, since he’s going to be staying with us until the end of July. It’s really fun to have them with us, since we haven’t gotten to spend much time with our families lately (who are for the most part a 10+ hour drive away).


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