Up And Running

Well, I got all my SATA cables over the weekend, so when I got back from the trip to Pennsylvania, I hooked up my new hard drive and installed Ubuntu. I am now dual-booting Windows XP Home SP3 and Ubuntu 10.04LTS, and thoroughly loving the “new car” feel it gives my desktop!

Initial impressions of Ubuntu on my home desktop box:

  • Ubuntu uses far less RAM than XP (and Ubuntu hasn’t even touched the swap file yet).
  • Ubuntu seems to loads its core programs (like Nautilus, the terminal, configuration/system tools, etc.) more slowly than XP. However, Ubuntu’s programs seem to run faster than their XP counterparts once started.
  • Ubuntu’s default Gnome two-taskbar setup is much nicer than XP’s single taskbar, though for me XP’s single start menu beats Ubuntu’s three-menu system (one each for user programs, locations, and system programs).
  • Ubuntu seems to have less “crapware” installed by default than XP (though I’m sure I will learn otherwise as I poke around and learn better ways to do things)
  • The default programs included with Ubuntu by seem genuinely polished (Evolution, OpenOffice.org suite, Rhythmbox), even the system tools (terminal, Nautilus file manager, System Monitor, etc.).

I have taken my tower to work, and will use the Internet connection there (after hours, of course) to run updates and work some more voodoo, er, configuration. I am so pumped!


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