Python 2.6.5 It Is!

limited-edition Screenshot 7-13-10

See how nice Ubuntu plays with my hardware?

With a full week or so of daily Ubuntu use under my belt, I think I can say that I am really enjoying it! I am quite impressed by how light Ubuntu is on my memory and swap file, though the processor load is a bit higher than in XP. The snap-quick performance of pretty much everything is a welcome change.

I am excited to start coding! I have been somewhat… confused by the Python 2.x vs. Python 3.x situation. Obviously Python 3.x is the wave of the future, as many of its key features have been backported into the most recent 2.x releases. However, since most of my teaching materials are going to be for 2.x, I will stick with the elder versions for the time being. As the wiki wisely says,

“Above all, it is recommended that you focus on writing good code so that 2.x vs 3.x becomes less of an issue.”

I will be using (for now) Anjuta or Geany for editing .py scripts, since Editra is not working at all with Ubuntu. Hopefully this weekend will be profitable for my learning Python.

Oh, and as a side note: I have been so thoroughly impressed by the power of Linux that I am going to start moving over to it entirely. I will keep XP around for games and the like, but I like Ubuntu so much better that I am going to use it for my daily computing platform.

One thing holding me back from using Linux these last few years now was the incredible usefulness of the iTunes+iPod combo (which doesn’t even work in Wine), as the iPod Touch handles audiobooks and podcasts extremely well (the 2x speed thing is great!). However, about two months ago my iPod Touch fell from my pocket to the concrete floor, the touchscreen popped off, and the paper-thin connector broke. Banshee may be a worthy contender, and I like its handling of audiobooks as separate from music or podcasts, but we shall see.


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