A New Project!

Lately I’ve been reading through K.Mandla’s excellent Ubuntu and minimalist computing blog, and I ran across his post on how to put an aging computer to good use, an old post from the Ubuntu forums about the resurrection of a vintage 2000 HP Pavilion, and his new post about putting a CF card to use as an impromptu SSD.

Meanwhile, I had an old 30GB iPod Video 5.5G laying around that I’d bought in college in 2008. When the hard drive failed, I turned it into a much nicer 32GB CF iPod Video. Unfortunately, the iPod’s hardware became more flaky over time from heavy use and died sometime mid-2009, so I had a 32GB CF card laying dormant.

Then in late-2009 when I upgraded my old HP Pavilion 533c (upgraded is an anemic word in this case — I assembled a completely new system from parts then moved the hard drive into the new shell), I was left with a less-than-barebones PC that not even eBay could love.

So after reading K.Mandla’s posts, I thought to myself, “Why not?”, and I bought a $.99 IDE-CF adapter from eBay to bring these neglected parts to life again. What exactly will this Frankenstein of a PC be doing? We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “A New Project!

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