Some(what) Happy Developments

I alluded in a previous post to potentially changing Limited Edition‘s primary OS to Ubuntu. So for the next few days I’m going to be doing just that.

Installing Windows XP Pro SP3: I’ve been using XP Home on Limited Edition since 2003 or so, and though I don’t really need any of the “extras” of Pro, I figured since I had an extra license lying around from the laptop I cannibalized to keep Piggybacker running, why not? It will be my gaming system, and will hold my legacy files/programs. I’ll install it on my 160GB HDD, but will leave room for Ubuntu’s swap file (though the only time I actually used it was when I tried to calculate really huge exponents in Python 🙂 ).

Re- (and Re-Re-) installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition: I’ve already shrunk my NTFS media partition (H:\) by about 250GB, so I’ll put a preliminary Ubuntu install in the free space there. This would be a more permanent setup, but unfortunately my C:\ partition needs some chkdsk massaging, so I need to install Ubuntu temporarily so I can have a working GRUB menu. After making GParted happy that C:\ is okay, I’ll delete this temporary install and move C:\ to the end of the drive so my permanent Ubuntu install can be on /dev/sda1 (which will make the coming months of data transfer and partition resizing/deletion much more bearable).

Removing Windows XP Home SP3: Next I will slowly dismantle my original XP Home install (~250GB of my 1.5TB HDD), and after I’ve made sure I’ve gotten all I want off of it, I will delete it entirely, making extra room for my Ubuntu /home directory.

Moving H:\ to /home/bgbraithwaite: I have most of my user data on my NTFS H:/ drive (music, videos, programs, articles, schoolwork, etc.), and I really want to move it all over to being /home/bgbraithwaite so I can both integrate my data and keep it totally separate from my OS’s filesystem (IMO, one of the best features of Unix-like OSes).

So basically, my computer will go from this:

  • 1.5TB HDD:
    • C:\ (200GB) – Win XP Home SP3 (original OS)
    • D:\ (5GB) – Win XP Home recovery partition (original OS)
    • G:\ (200GB) – User files (documents, schoolwork, etc.)
    • H:\ (1+TB) – Media (music, videos, etc.)
  • 160GB HDD:
    • swap (6GB) – Ubuntu swap file
    • \ (154GB) – Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition

To this (eventually):

  • 1.5TB HDD:
    • \ (250GB) – Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition
    • \home (1+TB) – All my documents and media
  • 160GB HDD:
    • C:\ (155GB) – Win XP Pro SP3 (fresh install)
    • swap (4GB) – Ubuntu swap file

This will make Limited Edition much easier to administer, as well as snappier whenever I use my (Linux) swap file. Hopefully I will soon be a happy full-time home Linux user! Wish me luck (and no data loss, knock on wood).

Hello World! v1.0

Hello World! v1.0

As for Python, I’ve written my first program! Admittedly, it’s just a “Hello, World!” where you can write your own name in, but I think it’s pretty cool just now 🙂 . I will post the code once I have access to Limited Edition’s data again. Woot!

UPDATE: Here is the source for my first program,

#!/usr/bin/env python

# v1.0
# (20 Jul 2010)
# My First Program!

# Get the user's name
name = raw_input("What is your name? ")

# Print the name in a greeting
print "Hello, " + name + "!"

You can also download from my Dropbox, if you are so inclined.

UPDATE #2: Added screenshot.


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