Limited Edition Is Rocking Ubuntu Again!

Limited Edition has survived its reconfiguration, and I am now ready to migrate my everyday computing tasks to Ubuntu 10.04! The ready availability of free, high-quality HDD partitioning software is absolutely amazing to behold (for me, anyway). I remember when all I had to work with was fdisk, and I had to use Zip100 disks for backup! GParted is far easier and much less nerve-wracking to use. Not to mention Palimpsest Disk Utility!

Knowing a little better now which programs I want in Ubuntu (thanks to the wonderful Ubuntu Start Script and Ubuntu Tweak utilities), I will be able to go about setting up Limited Edition much more quickly than last time.

My adventures in Linux installations these last few weeks have shown me that Linux installs are way easier to do, more user-friendly, and much faster than Windows XP installs on the same machine. Even individual program configurations and updates are easier to handle!

Also, a major word of praise for Firefox Sync. I converted from Xmarks when I saw that even Mozilla can’t unencrypt your data, and even though it’s not quite so nice as other bookmark/password/etc syncing addons, it has worked flawlessly for all my machines so far. For example, I used dreamer6 to research what to do on Limited Edition, and when I got Limited Edition started up in Ubuntu, all I had to do was start Firefox, install Sync, and pick up exactly where I left off – very handy, indeed.


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