Promises, Promises

Well, I’m afraid I’ve been slacking in the “learning to program” department. My various adventures, detailed in previous posts, have led me astray to more prosaic pursuits (mostly installing and configuring XP Pro and Ubuntu). However, I don’t feel that I have really wasted any time: I’ve been learning many valuable lessons about Ubuntu, and have been slowly adjusting to the Linux (or at least the Ubuntu/Gnome) way of doing things. Having cheat sheets helps, too 😉 . This hiatus from learning Python is unfortunately going to last a bit longer, because I’m trying to get everything I could conceivably need or want off the Internet before I take Limited Edition home with me (for the eighth time, he grumbles) where there is no Internet connection to be had.

As a side note, am I the only one who wishes Gnome had a default keyboard shortcut that equivalent to Win-E opening Explorer? It gets tiring always having to use the mouse! However, I’ve basically replaced both the Win-E and the Win-R Windows shortcuts with Win-Space for Gnome Do, which rocks the socks off of the Windows Start Menu and Google Desktop combined! And I like that Gnome Do gives me two guesses at the same time, but it’s usually right with the first one.

As for Frankenstein, I’ve kinda been scared to start on it because of the incredibly gross amount of grime and dust that’s built up inside it over the years. This weekend, I think I’ll finally bite that particular bullet and clean out the old nasty, so you guys can all enjoy tales of my suffering. Also, I will try to take some before-and-after pictures for all you eye candy junkies out there.


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