system76: Ubuntu Preinstalled


Ubuntu for everyone!

I was poking around the Internet while waiting for my hardware to arrive for Frankenstein, and I found the coolest computer company ever: system76.

system76 is a hardware company based out of Colorado that sells netbooks/laptops, desktops, and servers with Ubuntu preinstalled. They have really good prices, a wide range of hardware from low-end to high-end, lots of hardware customization options, free Powered by Ubuntu stickers, even a list of books to help you learn Linux! You can even donate your old computer to help disadvantaged kids (who normally wouldn’t even have a computer) cut their teeth on free open source software. How cool is that?

Now you have no excuse not to convert your friends and family to Linux — they can get new hardware, with technical support, with a warantee, and they don’t have to be intimidated by the prospect of installing an OS themselves (let’s be honest, though — if people had to install Windows manually every time, it would be even less popular than Linux for the desktop).

Also, those netbooks would make for awesome graduation gifts!


One thought on “system76: Ubuntu Preinstalled

  1. technologyunit

    System76, though a little pricey compared to other vendors, is one of the most interesting and needed companies I have ever looked at. The more publicity they get the better because they need it. Ubuntu is huge in the linux world titled as the most popular linux distribution. If you haven’t tried it you should!

    As for converting your family and friends it sounds good in print but it is harder than you think. If you do manage it though you could send them my way I could use the views! Not really but I do run an Ubuntu Video Tutorials Blog that makes learning to do many things in Ubuntu simple. I cover installing every version of Ubuntu!


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