Well, I was playing around with Linux Mint 9 KDE on Limited Edition yesterday, and I heard the good news that KDE 4.5 SC was now available to the public, and that I could install it via Kubuntu backports. I accidentally hosed my system when libqt4-help broke because I panicked (not the proudest moment in my life) and tried to reinstall the broken packages via synaptic. As this more level-headed fellow later recommended on the Mint forums, I really should have taken a deep breath and run sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade. And as KDE died slowly around me, I suddenly came to the realization that I had just been really, really stupid 😳 .

So today, I get to reinstall Mint, somewhat older and wiser for the experience… 😐 I now understand much more deeply the importance of having a separate /home partition!

UPDATE: Mint reinstalled just fine, and I’m now rocking KDE once more!

UPDATE #2: I retried installing 4.5, this time with -f, and I’m now using KDE 4.5. There are some things I don’t like as much (I think the system tray was nicer-looking in 4.4), but others are nicer (the Plasma Tool Box seems more logical), and I’m excited to try WebKit out in Konqueror!


2 thoughts on “Hosed

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