Committing To Quality

This blog was intended to be about me learning to program; however, most of what I’ve posted thus far has been… all over the map 😳 . This doesn’t necessarily contradict my goals for this blog, but it does make for some difficult reading. I don’t really mind, as twenty posts and six weeks later, I feel that I have more of a grasp on where I want the blog to go.

I never figured that what I had to say would be particularly popular, but over 300 people have visited BG, and I really want the experience to be a pleasant one that actually stays (mostly) on-topic. So I have two major changes in store for the content of BG from now on:

  1. I will still make non-hacking-related posts, as I feel they are necessary for a context to BG, but they will no longer be a mainstay.
  2. I will post more frequently on my progress in coding, and I will also make weekly updates about what I’ve learned in a particular language (currently Python).

Hopefully these new guidelines will help me to focus more on coding, and also on documenting the process for fellow newbies.


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