A Sigh and A New Install

After posting about first failing, then succeeding in getting KDE SC 4.5 running on Limited Edition, KDE 4.5 has finally bit the dust functionality-wise for me. Dolphin especially suffered from frequent crashes, then Amarok, and eventually even Kontact. Now Plasma randomly suffers totally fatal crashes that print garbage on my screen and leaves even good old Alt-F1 inoperative 😡 .

To my mind, the only big improvements for me in 4.5 over 4.4 were faster KDE startup time and the more logical placement of the print and disk mounter tray icons — going back to 4.4 won’t be much of a loss. I’ve contemplated changing distros, but I quite like Linux Mint KDE, and will probably use it for a while longer.

(However, I stumbled upon Chakra, an Arch Linux derivative that uses KDE, and it rather intrigues me — though even an Arch derivative is rather intimidating to a newb like myself.)

So, I’m reinstalling my system again. Again. I think I’ll leave the 4.5 beast alone for now 😦 .

UPDATE: Yay! Limited Edition is alive again! My personal files are safe, and settings, though lost, are now hand-crafted into submission. Separate /home partitions rock!


2 thoughts on “A Sigh and A New Install

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