New Page, New Developments, No New Code (Yet)

I’ve been unable to post the past couple days because of an Internet blackout at work (we’re in the middle of switching providers), but BG work was done nonetheless!

I put together a new page for BG (you’ll see it on the left) titled “My Code Archive”. The purpose of the Code Archive is to put all of my code in a single, easily viewed place — which should also make it easier to see how much I’ve progressed. No screenshots there for the sake of loading speed.

I was very excited when I heard about the release of Linux Mint Debian Edition, and when I read K.Mandla’s review about it’s sparing use of system resources, I was even more excited. Piggybacker (my work laptop) has been grinding to a start slower than ever lately, and though I had considered Linuxing it up before (in fact, Piggybacker was the second machine I’d ever tried installing Linux on), I needed it to use the MS Access customer database at work (and for BibleWorks, on the odd occasion). However, as my responsibilities shift away from Financial Manager to IT and publications, most of my laptop work now involves working with documents and doing Joomla/Drupal web development, so I thought to myself, “Why not?”

Unfortunately, my hard drive seems to be slowly dying (after all, it’s a second-hand business laptop that’s at least six years old, and has suffered its fair share of drops, kicks, and mishandlings), and I can’t get CHKDSK to actually remap the newest 8 bad sectors (out of a grand total of 230 bad sectors 😦 ) so I can’t resize the XP partition to make room for Linux… yet. I will try again some time, and see if the problem resolves itself, as it’s not a terrifically urgent problem.

Finally, you may notice that there’s no new code in this post, nor have I posted a “What I Learned In Python This Week #4”. This is mostly because I’ve been working on non-coding things lately (see above for examples), but it’s also because I want to understand dictionaries (and strings and lists) better, so I’m rereading previous chapters in Hetland, and will do a combined “What I Learned” for weeks 4 and 5 early next week. I figure it’s better to wait for quality than to make a short, “didn’t really learn anything” post, right?


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