#1: Distros!

I’m really very interested in Linux Mint Debian Edition. It seems like it could be a viable replacement for Limited Edition if I could install KDE4 rather than Gnome as my DE of choice.

I am also very excited about the upcoming release of Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat! Yeah, I said Kubuntu — I know all the focus is on Ubuntu, but I’m really psyched that it means that soon Linux Mint 10 KDE will be here!

#2: Text Editors and GUIs

I want to learn both Vim and Emacs, since they are both giants in the hacking culture, but they are radically different one from another, and I don’t want learning the editor to get in the way of my learning to code.

Then I stumbled upon Cream, a Vim-a-like that brings a GUI and other helpful features to Vim. This is something that I am excited about because my whole life I’ve gravitated towards the GUI for pretty much everything beyond really basic operations. I mean, using the mouse and key commands in concert can be really fast most of the time, and I usually do consumption, not creation, with my computer, so a GUI just makes more sense for that.

#3: Am I The Only One?

I hear over and over again how important it is to have a mentor, or at least a partner, when you code so there is always both pressure to do better and a check to make sure you’re considering all the open options. However, since I live in Hannibal, Missouri, the opportunities for doing so are… limited.

Okay, they’re as close to nonexistent as could be.

However, Breck Yunits’ post on how to get yourself a mentor mentioned a way I didn’t think of previously — Github. His other ideas, though good, are a bit impractical for me right now, but Github seems like it may be a promising avenue for me to pursue.

#4: Linux, MP3 Players, and Me

I’ve decided to search for a replacement for my many broken MP3 players (including a 30GB iPod Video 5.5G, a 512MB iPod Shuffle 1G, a 40GB iPod 4G, and two 8GB iPod Touch 2Gs). I always mean to get rid of them on eBay, but never manage to get around to it. However, time to change!

I’m looking for a good Linux-supported alternative to iPods in terms of functionality and cheapness, and I’m going to try to get them with the money from selling all my decrepit DAPs. I’ve dallied with Rockbox in the past, so the original firmware is not necessarily a roadblock, but a good firmware would be nice anyway. Current contenders are the Cowon D2 and Sansa Fuze, but most of the players on the Xiph Portable Players page or the Rockbox Current Builds page would be alright.


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