Frustrations And Broken Electronics

Nearly all the electronics in my life seem to be suffering severe bouts of entropy: Piggybacker‘s hard drive has started to fail, I accidentally stepped on and snapped off the speaker jack plugged into the front of Limited Edition, and my cellphone’s battery has started to die frighteningly quickly.

The solution for Piggybacker may be as follows:

  1. Steal Frankenstein’s CF card.
  2. Put it into Piggybacker.
  3. Install something Debian-y  on Piggybacker.
  4. Install XP on a VirtualBox VM.

I wouldn’t be able to experiment freely with native hardware using Frankenstein, but it may make using XP on Piggybacker a more pleasant experience. And I do kinda owe my brother Frankenstein’s corpse, which I’m sure he would be psyched to play with.

As for Limited Edition, I think I just have to suck it up and buy new speakers 😦 . Worst of all, I actually damaged the jack as well, and I don’t know of any way to easily fix that one. I really liked my old speakers, too, but they did have this weird ability to pick up both local radio stations and cellphone activity that somewhat diminished their awesomeness.

Oh, and my cellphone? I may go back to my ancient RAZR (still kicking!) until I can afford a new battery.

UPDATE: Trying to remove Piggybacker’s hard drive from its enclosure was entirely too difficult — I needed a tiny Frearson and an even tinier Torx — and since I didn’t have a small enough Torx screwdriver, and pliers slid right off the screw head, and even force didn’t work, I just had to try to work around it. And then I realized that unfortunately, the CF-to-IDE interface card is made for 3.5″, not 2.5″ drives… which I should have remembered. So much for that.

UPDATE #2: I ordered a 2.5″ CF-to-IDE adapter… which should arrive in late October. I’m VBoxing Crunchbang to see if Openbox would work for me. I tried 9.04.01 on VirtualBox, and I am somewhat impressed, though rather baffled by the sparseness of it. I guess I need to read up on how best to use it first.

UPDATE #3: Went back to the ancient RAZR. 😦


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