Ah, Now This Was Ill-Advised…

Well… I can never leave things well enough alone when it comes to Linux distros (what can I say? I’m a die-hard tinkerer).

So after KDE refined the 4.5 series to its latest 4.5.2 release, I thought I’d be safe enough to chance upgrading my Linux Mint 9 KDE install on Limited Edition to 4.5.2. I took the usual route of enabling Kubuntu backports, running sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade-dist… then sudo apt-get -f upgrade-dist… then running back and forth between apt, aptitude, and Synaptic

I was running around thanks to a bug described here, whose fix was apparently only committed to the Maverick (10.10) repos, not the Lucid (10.04) repos. (Then again, I’ve been having odd troubles with refreshing my repositories of late, with several repos throwing a 404 or -5 [No address associated with hostname] error, so this may have been an issue just for me.) So… I changed my repos by hand to refer to Maverick instead.

Oddly enough, this worked (after about four hours of troubleshooting the odd package conflict), and quite nicely, too:


KDE 4.5.2 on Limited Edition!

KDE 4.5.2 on Limited Edition!


So I now have an upgraded Kubuntu Maverick (10.10) core with Linux Mint 9 KDE wrappings (*scratches head*) — I even have the new Ubuntu font.

And I now remember why I wanted 4.5 so much: KDE 4.5 is blazing fast with startup, individual apps, etc. It uses a fair bit more memory than I expected when it started (~400MB), but most of that is probably my lack of configuration skills, since everything else is so amazing. KDE now runs as fast as Gnome did, and the things that always bothered me about 4.4 (like Dolphin being terribly slow and random Plasma crashes) are pretty much all taken care of in 4.5. Also, 4.5 seems just more polished and thought-through than 4.4 or Gnome.

However, much of the credit is certainly deserving to the amazing Linux community as a whole, since I managed to update over 1,400 packages and still have a working (and better-working) system. Right now, I want to give a big thanks to all the people (who are undoubtedly way more talented than I) who have made such a thing possible through their individual and cumulative efforts. Keep on hacking!


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