Starting My Own Linux From Scratch

The concept of Linux From Scratch has always fascinated me — I’ve always wondered how an OS gets made — and today I decided that I will make a Linux From Scratch of my own. I will publish my adventures in LFS here, and host a copy of it on BG when I’m done.

I am a Linux newbie, and this blog is about learning to program, but I also want to learn how Linux works from the ground up — after all, as I’ve said before, I’m an inveterate tinkerer. I also feel that learning Linux in-depth is worthwhile from a programming perspective as well, since I will have to brush up against masterful examples of programming and engineering that will undoubtedly pass totally over my head at first, but make more sense as time goes on.

Also, my time for programming is often lost to the Linux learning curve. Yes, Linux is unbelievably easier to use and maintain in 2010 than it was even a few years ago, but it is still quite different from Windows, so I suffer from having to constantly unlearn decade-old habits. Often, I find myself an hour or two into my coding time and I’ve not written a single line, but I finally get package management in Synaptic (or some basic vi shortcuts, or file operations in Dolphin, or how to configure GRUB — you get the idea).

So I’m taking the next few weeks off to make my own LFS. No coding, just Linux; I will soft restart my self-education in Python afterwards. And yes, there will be screenshots :mrgreen: .


2 thoughts on “Starting My Own Linux From Scratch

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