Readership of BG, I am unfortunately going to have to renege temporarily on my promises that this would be a productive week. As the holidays draw inexorably nearer, my responsibilities as a husband, son(-in-law), friend, and host are each in turn being called upon. The short notice is thanks to my guests also giving short notice of their plans, as well as other cosmic rearrangings of previously well-laid plans.

In short? I won’t have the “extra” hours that I pare away from my schedule for BG on an irregular basis from this week through the end of December. I will necessarily be writing less, and pursuing BG projects less as well, but it is, I emphasize, a temporary measure.

That being said, I look forward to producing all the quality content I can squeeze out of my overworked brain and body, just for you, my readers 😉 . Happy Hacking!


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