Alternative To The “200 Lines Kernel Patch That Does Wonders” Which You Can Use Right Away: It Worked For Me!

This article is absolutely priceless! Ever since I first heard about the 200-ish line kernel patch that improves Linux desktop interactivity by, oh, an order of magnitude or better, I’ve been champing at the bit for K/Ubuntu to update their  kernels with the patch… but apparently the patch was predated by some bash-y proof-of-concept magic. Apparently, a few tweaks in your configuration files can do the same thing as this amazing patch for those people who don’t immediately custom-roll a kernel when cool patches go out (read, “most people”). I was even more excited to see that there was even a Ubuntu-tailored version that is a little more involved thanks to Ubuntu-y quirks, but my desktop experience has gone from a “meh, it’s okay” to a “whoa!”

The smoothness (no more lag!) and snappiness of my desktop is absolutely stunning — things that before I just took for granted as slow (like HD video when I do anything else in the background, file operations, that pause before menu and notifications are actually drawn) are now practically realtime. Applications themselves take just as long to load, but now everything doesn’t… take… forever… to… finally stop lagging so I can get to work. I would definitely recommend at least trying this out (of course, after a thorough backup — just in case)

Kernel developers +1!


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