#1 Vacation!

For the first time since 2008, I am enjoying a genuine vacation. I plan to enjoy it by exploring Hannibal by foot/bicycle, visiting the library, and chilling at home by sorting through my vast collection of digital esoterica.

#2 Crunchbang Statler and Debian Testing

I’ve wanted to learn how to use the Debian testing repositories for a while, and now that XP is unnecessary for web development at work, #! Statler (with tweaked repos) will find a home on Piggybacker. First, though, I want to see if I could get straight Debian working from the testing repos, and see if I can’t replace Limited Edition‘s Linux Mint 9 KDE / Kubuntu Maverick hybrid with KDE4 Debian testing.

#3 gPpodder, Amarok, and Miro

Amarok started having problems a few weeks ago with all the menus disappearing until I restarted Amarok (including right-click menus), and eventually they wouldn’t show at all. Amarok manages my podcasts, so not having right-click basically killed all usability (hint to developers?). I contemplated using Miro for all my podcast management since I already used it for video podcasts, but I’ve never been satisfied by Miro’s handling of audio podcasts. I remembered gPodder (and not liking it at the time), but I thought I’d give it another shot — and I love it. gPodder is really great at handling podcasts, even ones that have non-A/V content like PDFs. I have since transitioned my podcast collection to gPodder, but still love Amarok for my music library (the menus work again, now that I got rid of those pesky podcasts).

#4 Converting to openSUSE?

Although I really love Debian (and other .deb-based distros), I also want to support a KDE-lovin’ distro — and openSUSE is the classic KDE distro, in much the same way as Fedora is the classic GNOME distro. However, I have a certain historical mistrust for RPM (the infamous RPM dependency hell), and openSUSE hasn’t yet released with KDE 4.5 (to my knowledge). RPM has become more dependable since the Red Hat 8.0 days, though, and I’m willing to consider moving to openSUSE if KDE 4.5 or 4.6 is a feature of the 11.4 release. Also, I’ll probably benefit from the RPM exposure if I ever end up doing Linux IT work.


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