2010 In Review

Some General Figures

Technically, Becoming A Glider has been around since 25 June 2010, so it’s really only a half-year in review, but who’s counting? I made 67 posts with a total of 86 images, getting a total of 3,032 pageviews and 23 comments. That comes out to about 505 pageviews a month, or 17 a day.

Top 5 Posts of 2010

Speaking subjectively, the BSD vs. Linux post seems to have kick-started interest in my blog, or at least shot me up in the ranks of Google :mrgreen: . My post about Inconsolata seems to be popular, both because of the font and because of the bug that it causes in KDE.

Top 5 Referrers of 2010

About a third of the WP.com referrals were for the Python tag, with a smattering of about twenty other tags. Most of the referrals from K.Mandla’s blog were from various comments I’ve made there. Alpha Inventions is an intriguing RSS aggregator that grabs whatever the freshest posts are in your fields of interest, displaying them fullscreen so you can comment on the newest posts as they come.

In Summary

I think BG has had a great start in 2010, and I look forward to 2011 being even better. I plan on posting more about Linux internals in the near future as I put together Linux From Scratch, and my Python posts will resume as soon as I pick up Python again. I’m also hoping to do more reviews of various Linux programs and distros I run across, as well as reviews of Linux resources I’ve found helpful. Apparently, I should also pick up BSD 😛 .

Happy New Year, and Happy Hacking!


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