UBERSTIX Ate My Homework…

I’ve been quiet on the blog front for a while now, even in the post-holiday season. The reason? UBERSTIX.

I got an UBERSTIX kit for Christmas, and though I didn’t open it for a few weeks, once I did, I couldn’t leave it alone!

UBERSTIX are like ultra-LEGOs, and even work together with LEGOs (and K’Nex, and Erector sets…) to make things that no single system could do alone. UBERSTIX encourages modifying their pieces when you need to (nail clippers are perfect for this), and they have instructions for many of their models on their website. Best of all, they encourage recycling and re-purposing everyday items that they fit with, like popsicle sticks, plastic water bottles, McDonald’s drinking straws, and Starbucks paper cups.

Also, I recently stumbled across Arduino: The Documentary, a great film about the origins and development of Arduino, and it got me excited about hardware hacking. I’ve been struggling with learning Linux and programming, as I don’t really yet know what specific areas I should focus on. Thinking about tools like Arduino and UBERSTIX makes me hopeful that I can do interesting real-world things by learning Linux and how to code. I mean, just look at the Makerbot — I would love to make engineering and construction tools like that.

So while I haven’t exactly been a busy beaver with my posting on BG, I am doing a lot of mental heavy-lifting by trying to direct my enthusiasm in a useful direction. I look forward to shortly resuming a (semi-)regular posting schedule. In the meantime, happy hacking!


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