LFS 6.8 (Part 3): Introducing Pressie

During the four-odd months I took to read the LFS 6.8 book, I was still searching for hardware to actually build LFS with.

Originally, I was going to use a really, really old hard drive I had lying around — a roughly 1998 vintage 2.1GB Seagate ST32122A — and plug that into Limited Edition for the duration of the build. 2.1GB is a little underpowered (some packages need nearly a gigabyte for compilation), but that’s what I had.

Fortuitously, I acquired an old Compaq Presario this summer! Dubbed Pressie, she was made circa 2003, and was passed down from my uncle to my brother-in-law to my brother to me.

Pressie Ready For Action

Isn't she beautiful?

Pressie is pretty impressive for her age, sporting an AMD K6-2 450MHz CPU (a very odd processor, the K6-2), 376MB of RAM (upgraded from the stock 64MB), an 8.4GB hard drive (also up from the stock 4.3GB), a ZIP100 drive, an ORB drive, a working floppy drive, two USB 1 (or 1.1) ports, very nice integrated SIS graphics and SoundBlaster-compatible sound — and most important of all, she’s still working! Pressie is practically a computer history lesson, and it’s a real trip through memory lane examining her innards. I stole her ZIP and ORB drives for Limited Edition, replaced the broken CD-ROM drive with some slightly less-broken drives laying around, and grafted in the old Seagate.

With her spacious 8.4GB hard drive, I’ll have more than enough room to do LFS, and maybe even BLFS. After setting her up in the basement at work, with a spare monitor and other borrowed parts, I’m ready to start work on my first LFS build!


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