LFS 6.8 (Part 4): Partitioning

After getting Pressie ready for building LFS, my next step was to fire her up with the LFS live CD and partition her hard drives.

The LFS live CD required me to choose some basic settings like locale, system time, and console settings as it booted up. Though I still have a one-hour-off clock, the other (default) live CD settings seem to be working fine.

First off, I used cfdisk (a very simple partitioning tool with an ncurses interface) to partition my disks. Soon I’d set up my disks how I wanted them (after I realized that IDE hard drives are at /dev/hdn, not like modern SATA hard drives at /dev/sdn):

  • One large / (root) partition on the main 8.4GB hard disk
  • Two partitions on the secondary 2.1GB hard disk
    • a 1GB /home partition
    • a 1.1GB swap partition (to try to offset the tiny amount of RAM

I was going to have a separate /boot partition as recommended in the LFS book, but decided against it for simplicity’s sake — I doubt I’ll use multiple Linux distros on Pressie at the same time.

Next, I used mke2fs to format / and /home as ext3, and mkswap to make a swap partition. After that, I mounted the new ext3 and swap partitions — success!

I plugged in a USB thumbdrive loaded with the LFS sources and patches, then copied them to the main 8.4GB drive. I unplugged my thumbdrive and plugged in a mouse (just in case).

So far so good!


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